PART SKU#: L071-0497

Nostrum High Performance’s next-generation port fuel injectors are designed for each application using state-of-the-art CFD software which takes exact fuel injector location, intake manifold design, and cylinder head geometry into account. Featuring our patented nozzles, Nostrum intake track injectors create proprietary kinetic jet to jet collision producing the smallest possible fuel droplets resulting in superior atomization and shorter liquid lengths. This allows Nostrum High Performance injectors to provide a cleaner burn while maximizing cold starts, idle quality and mid-range performance. \n \nNostrum PFI injectors are all tested on Nostrum’s temperature and pressure controlled two station production PFI injector test stand. This testing includes multiple preconditioning cycles followed by testing for tip leakage, resistance, inductance, dynamic flow, static flow as well as injector opening and closing time. Nostrum PFI injectors are then sorted and grouped (aka “batched”) based on dynamic flow, static flow, offset and injector opening and closing time. \n \nDirect fit injectors have the same electrical connector and injector outline as OE for true direct fit. Each set includes color coded injectors that are keyed for injector spray orientation. Detailed installation instructions and calibration data included. \n \n \n
Vehicle Application: \n \nNISSAN 370Z 2009-2020 \n \nINFINITI EX37 2013 \n \nINFINITI FX37 2013 \n \nINFINITI G37 2008-2013 \n \nINFINITI M37 2011-2013 \n \nINFINITI Q40 2015 \n \nINFINITI Q50 2014-2015 \n \nINFINITI Q60 2014-2015 \n \nINFINITI Q70 2014-2016 \n \nINFINITI QX50 2014-2017 \n \nINFINITI QX70 2014-2016 \n \nNISSAN GTR 2009- present \n \n

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