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Warranty Policy

    • Warranty period is one year from date of delivery.
    • Warranty explicitly excludes the cost of labor for product installation and removal, diagnostics, or troubleshooting.
    • Warranty does not cover items that have been tampered with, misused, improperly installed, or improper application.
    • Warranty does not apply to shipping damages.
    • Warranty covers manufacture defects:
      • Damaged upon opening, not including shipping damages
      • Broken connector
      • Terminal loose
      • Damaged or missing O-rings, combustion seals, or spacers
    • Nostrum High Performance, Inc. will replace for no charge any Nostrum product that is deemed under warranty.
    • Warranty is non-transferable and limited to original purchaser for vehicle application.
    • Warranty applies only to items purchased directly through Nostrum products purchased through third-party sites are to be returned to and refunded by only that third-party.
    • Customer is responsible for any shipping charges that may occur. In the case that a product is deemed defective and covered under warranty, Nostrum High Performance, Inc. will pay ground shipping back to the customer.
    • Warranty is determined solely by Nostrum High Performance, Inc., and all products claims are to be inspected according to Nostrum standards.